About Us

Founded in 1971, Al Shirawi Group of Companies was born out of pure business passion. Our journey to being one of the biggest conglomerates with a portfolio of 30 plus companies comprising printing & packaging, electronics, oil & gas, manufacturing, logistics, trading, heavy equipment, education and engineering services has had its fair share of trials and tribulations. It is our core values of Excellence, Transparency, Compassion, Honesty, Empowerment and Discipline that define us as a group. As we move towards completing five decades of being the leaders, we feel it is finally time to give back to society. Our latest offering Al Shirawi Healthcare Services. aims to serve the greater good, a unique innovative healthcare solution that is the need of the hour.

Al Shirawi Healthcare Solutions envisions to serve the community with advanced solutions in medical equipment, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. It is our endeavour to provide technologically-advanced healthcare that could benefit people at large. We strive to optimise technology and develop a highly efficient, collaborative, scalable and agile digital healthcare system, as part of our healthcare initiative.

A brief about our global partners associated with us, offering innovative cutting-edge products for disinfection, sanitization and other medical facilities –

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By collaborating with healthcare companies & agencies worldwide, we plan to create a robust network of channel partners who would further help our products reach maximum number of people. Our rich work history, experience and industry standing will ensure our innovative healthcare products have a wider reach.

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