Air Disinfection

If you are looking for the best UV air disinfection system in the UAE, look no further! Al Shirawi Healthcare’s tie-up with Sanuvox ensures that you get the most advanced and cost-effective UV air and coil disinfection systems so that you can breathe easy. Backed by 27 years of research and the latest proprietary technology, Sanuvox’s products are the ideal air purification solution for homes and offices!

S300 GX-MED2

‘Air’ Disinfection Unit

4-step air disinfection process:

The disinfected and highly filtered air is then distributed throughout the room.

The perfect way to sterilize the air in:




Air Disinfection Unit

For Ambulances

Designed to be mounted inside the emergency vehicle, this portable unit uses germicidal UV to disinfect the air.

Ensures drivers’ and patients’ safety by: