About The Company

Amaryllis Healthcare is a 11 year old proud Indian Company that has revolutionized the segment of Disposable Surgical Packs & Gowns. We are an ISO 13485 and CE certified company. We are in the process of becoming First Indian drape and Kit Company to be approved by the US FDA. World class quality products at affordable prices are our motto. Over 1.5 Million surgeries have benefited from Amaryllis supplied packs, which are supplied to 450+ hospitals across India. A 60,000 sq ft (large) CE certified factory near Bangalore with highly automated machinery, International medical grade fabrics, Best in class ETO sterilization, multilevel quality checks.

We bring in over 10 years of expertise in the manufacture of Disposable Surgical Packs & Gowns for healthcare practitioners. We possess ISO 13485 and CE certifications. We are also in the process of obtaining USFDA certification soon. We will be the FIRST Indian company to get such recognition.

We can offer customized products as well as a large range of standard packs. High quality products and prompt delivery are our hallmarks. This is possible because we source some of the finest medical grade fabrics and process them at our 60,000 sq ft highly automated manufacturing plant near Bangalore. Every finished product undergoes 4 levels of Quality checks which are far higher than even the MNCs do.

Even before the Covid pandemic, 450+ healthcare customers – ranging from large corporate hospital groups to Medium or Small Hospitals and Nursing Homes - appreciated Amaryllis’ quality products and our efforts towards improving infection control practices. Since the start of Covid 19, another 200 major hospitals have switched from linen and other traditional options to our more hygienic option of Disposables. Our Co. has been part of over 15 Lakh surgeries that has helped hospitals enhance their quality of patient care.

Our product range meets the OT draping requirements of various surgical specialties like Cardiology,Orthopedics, Gynecology, Urology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, ENT etc.

Amaryllis’ medical grade fabric meets the internationally renowned AAMI PB70:2003 (American) and EN13795 (European) standards of liquid performance and classification of protective apparel and drapes. You get global quality and value.

Our large plant in Bangalore houses a Class 100K clean room and state-of-the-art automated machineries. This ensures high degree of conformance and hygiene in the final products and you get the peace of mind.

Our medical packaging materials and ETO Sterilization conforms to internationally acknowledged EN ISO 11607-1 and EN 868-5 standards. Thus you get trustworthy results each time you use them.

Surgical and Reinforced Gowns and Drapes

Features of our Surgeon Gown:

  • Made of medical grade SMS fabric, which meets AAMI Level 3 standards of barrier protection and prevents blood strike through & fluid contamination
  • Soft and lint-free
  • Gowns are conveniently folded to attain 100 % aseptic technique

Features of Surgical Gown Reinforced:

  • Improved barrier protection with breathable reinforcement in critical zones (Sleeve & Chest areas).
  • Made of medical grade anti-static SMS fabric that meets AAMI Level 3 standards of barrier protection and prevents blood strike through & fluid contamination.
  • Ultrasonic sealing in the sleeves.
  • Suitable for long-duration surgeries.
  • Lint-free.
  • Gowns are conveniently folded to attain 100 % aseptic technique.