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For over 20 years, Chemence Medical, Inc., headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, has been an innovative pioneer in cyanoacrylate technology for medical use. We are a leading manufacturer & distributor of advanced cyanoacrylate products designed to provide an unbeatable level of quality. We emphasize research and development to promote new & improved high-performance products with beneficial technology characteristics. Chemence Medical has become a world leader in medical cyanoacrylate devices and products and is committed to be at the forefront of technology in this field. Our products are protected by a portfolio of patents covering various aspects of cyanoacrylate technology for medical use, including sterilization, packaging, viscosity and bio-absorbable formulations.


A high-viscosity topical skin adhesive designed for strength, flexibility, and durability. Derma+Flex features a unique formula in both Operating Theater and A&E requirements. It sets within 60 seconds with no exothermic effect by maintaining the high flexibility and bond strength of 2-octyl adhesives. Every aspect of the product and packaging has been designed to simplify application in the Operating Theatre or A&E environments. Derma+Flex features.

Derma+Flex is also fast-setting and easy to apply. Our adhesive features a gel-like consistency that won’t drip, run, or seep into wounds. Derma+Flex is supplied with dual application tips.

For Medical Staff:

For the Patient:

For the Hospital:

Wounds from surgical incisions such as

Derma+Flex QS

Derma+Flex QS is the topical skin adhesive of choice for hospitals worldwide due to its cost effectiveness, versatility and ease of use in both surgical and A&E environments.

Derma+Flex QS is the perfect solution for the topical closure of surgical incisions and minor traumatic incidents.

Our formula self activates upon contact with skin after application. Once applied to the wound, Derma+Flex QS quickly polymerises in reaction to the chemistry of the skin, creating a strong-but-flexible microbial barrier.

Applied topically over a wound or incision, Derma+Flex QS creates a bond which bridges the edges forming a strong, flexible seal. Derma+Flex QS cures to form a waterproof, flexible film which will stay on the skin for up to 10 days, protecting the wound or incision from external dirt and bacteria.

Wounds from surgical incisions such as