About The Company

Lipocube™ is a medical device company based in London,UK and licensed in turkey. It is established to develop, design, patent, and market medical devices based on human fat tissue processing with applications in primarily in regenerative medicine, as well as other medical fields like orthopedics, cardiovascular.



Lipocube Nano

Lipocube™ Nano – is a single-use mechanical device for the processing of lipoaspirate, the autologous fat tissue, into milli, micro and nano fat graft.

Lipocube Nano Kit

Lipocube™ Nano Kit – The kit is designed for Aesthetic application.

Lipocube SVF

Lipocube SVF – The fat tissue is mechanically digested using the LipocubeTM SVF in closed sterile system with patented specific structural geometry blades coupled with a flow pattern. The resulting emulsion is processed in the specially designed Lipocube SVF device named Cell-Drive within a predefined RCF spectrum, and the SVF (stromal vascular fraction) is concentrated in a patented trap with a specific cell attracting coating and geometry. The SVF is applied to the patient.