About The Company

An established name in the Indian healthcare ecosphere, MITRA Industries Pvt. Ltd. (MIPL) manufactures high-quality healthcare products. The brand’s state-of-art in-house research, development and manufacturing facilities have enabled it to turn its vision of making life care solutions widely accessible for all into reality by supplying technologically advanced products to the market at affordable costs.

Al Shirawi Healthcare’s partnership with MITRA has contributed to our becoming one of the leading blood transfusion bag suppliers in the UAE. The iconic brand’s blood bags have revolutionised the process of blood collection, processing, storage, and transfusion of blood components, setting new standards for quality in the industry.

Blood Transfusion Products

Single Blood Bag System

Double Blood Bag System

Triple Blood Bag System

Quadruple Blood Bag System

Penta Blood Bag System

Single Blood Bag, Double Blood Bag, Triple Blood Bag, Quadruple blood bag and penta blood bag – 250 / 350 / 450 / 500 ml. containing of 35 / 49 / 63 / 70 ml. of CPDA / CPDA-1 anticoagulant solution.