About Sanuvox:

Sanuvox is a global leader in ultraviolet air purification providing the most advanced cost-effective in-duct and stand-alone UV air and coil disinfection systems available. Our proprietary UV systems are designed to maximize exposure time delivering the Ultraviolet energy required for exceptionally high airborne sterilization rates.

Our in-duct and stand-alone systems are used around the world in residential, commercial, institutional, and medical installations and have been widely accepted to be the most effective air disinfection systems.

Established in 1995, in Canada, Sanuvox Technologies mission has been to design a line of residential and commercial UV air and surface disinfection units that reproduce the natural purification process of the sun in the upper atmosphere.
For 25 years, our continued investment into research and development, and our drive to bring the latest technologies to market has produced a line of residential and commercial air and coil purification systems that are unsurpassed in the industry.

Surface Disinfection


24/7 Automatic ‘Surface’ Disinfection Unit

Completely automated, with safety features like door contact and infrared motion detectors.

Disinfects 99.99% of contaminants such as VRE, C. difficile and MRSA by sterilizing the most commonly touched areas.



(b) ASEPT 2.X

Portable UV Disinfection

Efficiently sterilizes operation theatres, ICU, and patient rooms in less than 5-10 minutes.

 The ASEPT.2X system uses two units to disinfect an operation theatre or a patient room, thus minimizing shadow areas left by conventional sterilizers.

 Automated 99.99% disinfection with minimal human intervention in 5-10 minutes. No other UV system can disinfect rooms as quickly and efficiently.



Air Disinfection

(a) S300 GX-MED2

‘Air’ Disinfection Unit

4-step air disinfection process:

The disinfected and highly filtered air is then distributed throughout the room.

The perfect way to sterilize the air in:



(b) VP900

Air Disinfection Unit

For Ambulances

Designed to be mounted inside the emergency vehicle, this portable unit uses germicidal UV to disinfect the air.

Ensures drivers’ and patients’ safety by: