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About The Company

Triworks was born in Rome and grew up in Molise. Rooted in the territory, it continues to enhance the talents and skills of engineers, researchers, doctors and specialized technicians in central Italy.

The high standards of Italian research and production are combined with a global presence, through an articulated network of distributors and the constructive relationship of listening and trust established with aesthetic doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, specialized structures and partners in medical and research professional aesthetics all over the world.



Synetica Evolution

An innovative technology thanks to the combination of ultrasonic lipocavitation and radiofrequency.

Lipocavitation and radiofrequency can be performed jointly or separately. Ultrasonic lipocavitation gently dissolves excess fat using a micro-cannula; the tightening is emitted by the same micro-cannula to restore the balance of the skin, rejuvenate and smooth the structure, in a totally painless way and without surgery.

Synetica Evolution Triworks